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With changing dynamics in the workforce, it is imperative to study all parts from compensation to employment brand and on-boarding to TA. How do they relate to each other? How do they relate to the entire business? Westport Intl’s EVP is an attempt to look at all the drivers to building an effective workforce in today’s world.

In today’s job search, a candidate will hear about a job, research that organization, talk to people within the organization and determine whether to apply or not. The social contract between the company and employee has changed, people do not place the same value on the organization’s size and history. Today, the company’s values, people, and culture are at the forefront.

Why is EVP Important in Today’s World?

  • Companies understand culture is important, but do not know how to measure and improve upon it.
  • Company business models are becoming increasingly lean, operating with fewer people and increased tools.
  • Speed to market is more important than market share and often is main driver in profit margin.
  • Global Markets have the ability to shift on a dime.
  • There are many changing thoughts on performance management and compensation breakdowns.
  • There are definitive Intergenerational differences on careers and role of work in everyday life


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