Our firm was founded in 2005, by Dennis Dunlavey with the vision to create a client-driven talent services organization.Our recruiting services were built first. PinPoint Solutions is our Contingency Search division (www.pin-pointsolutions.com) and Westport Intl is our Retained Executive Search division (www.westportintl.com). For the last twelve years, we focused on sharpening our recruiting expertise; building relationships with global Fortune Organizations and developing our internal talent leaders.

Through the years, we began to take on consulting projects outside of recruitment, including developing and managing a Social Media Strategy for a client. For another, we provided TA consulting around departmental build out and tools. It became quickly apparent, there were more services we could provide to our clients and these services would be in high demand.

In January of 2016, we acquired Scarlett Surveys, an international employee engagement survey, training and consulting company in business for over 50 years (www.scarlettsurveys.com). With this new expertise on board, we began to expand outside of our traditional recruitment services.

Today, we are pleased to announce the formation of Westport Intl EVP. This new branch of our organization will expand upon the Scarlett acquisition, providing additional consulting services through a team of experts. Our consultants bring with them a wealth of industry knowledge, working for Fortune 500 organizations and a history of developing customized solutions to the problems you face.