What is the true cost of an employee?

With each employee comes not only the cost of benefits and 401k but training and developmental spend. Few companies provide complete transparency into an employee’s true cost.

During the interview process, candidates no longer want to discuss their current salary. The conversation is now focused on what the potential job pays. States have also passed legislation limiting a company’s ability to ask questions about current compensation.

How do you reward performance? Most employees expect a yearly merit increase. How do you reward those that went above and beyond?

Audit & Recommendation

Our Services

TCO/Total Cost Of Ownership

  • Metric per employee and by level -analysis of all the hard and soft costs associated with employment base


  • Analysis of training and development costs against performance management and succession planning


  • Analyzing your TCO against your SG&A

Buy/ Build Analysis

  • Compare people objective, organizational culture and marketplace to determine the best way to improve a department or function


  • Analyze TCO with output of the function to determine if this function/activity should be outsourced