Your Employment Brand is made up of a compilation of your employees’ attitudes and the outside world’s impression of your company.  

Your employment brand is your starting point to your TA and TM strategy and spend. In today’s job search, a candidate will hear about a job, research that organization, talk to people within the organization and determine whether to apply or not. The social contract between the company and employee has changed, people do not place the same value on the organization’s size and history. Today, the company’s values, people, and culture are at the forefront.The story you tell about the values of your organization and what it means to work there are essential elements of a successful culture and organization.

Metrics of Success

  • Website Traffic
  • TA Effectiveness
  • Social Media Metrics
  • Offer to Acceptance Ratio
  • New Employee Performance

Your employees’ attitudes go directly out to the marketplace and can influence those looking for employment with your company.

  • What percent of your top talent was referred by employees in your company?
  • What percent of your employees engage in promoting your company’s openings on social media and in the marketplace?

Audit & Recommendation

  • Have you studied your company’s recent Employee Engagement Survey results?
  • How much are you spending on your TA function? Poor employment brand has a direct correlation to the cost and quality of talent.
  • What tools are you utilizing to promote your jobs and company?
  • What is your company’s messaging and channels of delivery?
  • Have you identified your target audience? It is too expensive to communicate to the world.
  • Have you analyzed recent turnover?

Our Services

  • Employment Brand Audit
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Survey Past Candidates in Your Applicant System – Learn more about your hiring process from those that have gone through it and did not join your firm.
  • Survey Targeted People in Your Industry OR Survey Where You Want to Hire – Learn more about your company’s reputation and brand in the market.