Your culture is your proprietary advantage in the marketplace.

High performing organizations with a strong successful culture make onboarding people into their culture on of the first steps with any new person joining that company-at all levels,

  • Have you defined your culture?
  • Do you have a onboarding process for all levels in your organization
  • Is that onboarding process designed to bring people into your culture

How to Start: 

  • Where are you now? Take a survey of your past hires over the last 2 years. This will usually lead to some great suggestions.
  • Map out your organization’s current state and where you want to be. Be honest, this will help you to define a roadmap to your future state.
  • Resist the urge to build another extravagant software tool, remember this is a people process.

Planned Steps: 

  1. Protect and set aside the time for new employees to engage in cultural on-boarding.
  2. Expose new employees to the culture, this could come in the form of mission statements, leadership competencies, values, and executive videos.
  3. Give new employees a belief in your process, where culture objectives are reinforced. This step is in place to reinforce that your culture is alive and real,  not the management initiative of the day.
  4. Explain to new hires the process for dealing with exceptions to the norm.
  5. Live it! There must be some common action or activity to reinforce the culture of your organization.

New Employee Cultural On-Boarding Assessment: The Organizational Cultural IQ Assessment is used to map out the working process and communication style for the organization. This is where your culture becomes real and evident. We then give this same assessment to new employees as they are on-boarded to assess their Cultural IQ and ability to assimilate into the team. We then repeat this assessment at 3 months and 6 months, providing feedback on the integration process.

Team Effectives Tool: Is your corporate competency model a breathing and working process? Or is it a document gathering dust, and brought out occasionally among HR staff. Are your core competencies reflecting your culture?

Immersion Template
Set programs of  on the job, coaching and class room learning to get someone integrated in the organizational and its culture

  1. Specie training around developmental areas form pre-employment assessment
  2. Work style training-
  3. Set meeting to build 1 over 1 and functional relationships
  4. Immersion journal and program end presentation
  5. Business process and tools
  6. Corporate values, ethics,standard,etc.

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