Your TA Strategy is made up of your ablity to attract, assess, hire, and on-board talent.

The process involves many people with constant changes in the marketplace, from social media to ATS systems and tools, to employee motivations and goals around work. Your TA strategy must be built around your employment brand. This may be easier for those organizations in high growth mode, built around a strong brand and company culture. But, what do you do if candidates are not coming to you? We no longer live in a world where candidates blindly post resumes to jobs online. The jobs boards are folding, and social media marketing is becoming the main source of candidate generation.

  • Websites – Must be visual and connect with Social Media
  • Content – Tell your story and set the company’s vision
  • Social Media – Don’t think your internal employees are the only ones to see you in social media. You can use your own organization’s achievements to attract talent.

The key to hiring top talent is to identify what employees want and to raise awareness of your organization and culture before you have a specific opening.

To really assess your TA strategy, it is essential to look at the hiring metrics.

  • Time to Fill
  • Cost Per Hire
  • Acceptance Rate

These numbers don’t lie, and will give you an honest assessment of your TA process whether successful or not. In addition, you must evaluate the total spend and cost associated with the people, tools, and systems of the department. Take a look at your customer service ratings from internal and external clients for a different perspective.

Every company has hurdles to overcome, such as a negative reputation in the market or difficult location to attract talent. TA can assist in bridging that gap, whether through more information on the website, a higher touch approach to candidates, etc. Let Westport Intl EVP build a solution to address the specific issues you may be facing in your TA strategy.

Audit & Recommendation

  • Conduct a complete review of your employment brand. Survey employees, former candidates and targeted people form your industry. If you want to truly understand your brand, talk to the people who have not engaged with you yet.
  • Build a Social Media plan and execute.

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